Art for Church is a collection of spiritual and religious artworks by the artist Alexander Zorin. Alexander is fascinated by the art of the Middle Ages and seeks to integrate the traditions of that time with the achievements of modern art. He believes that the church building is the perfect ground for this integration. His work can be seen in the chancery of the archdiocese of Detroit as well as in churches around Southeastern Michigan.

"...I aspire to bring to present-day church the idea of combining of Modern Art achievements with Middle Age traditions ... I believe that on this way we can reveal religious subjects much more deeply..."

Alexander works in a style he calls the “accumulative method”. This inventive method challanges and forces him to use different techniques, such as:

For the past few years Alexander has worked in a wide amplitude of styles from Neo-Realism to Abstractionism. He has also worked in Figurative and Neo-Realistic Art but believes that the styles with the most potential for his method are Figurative Abstractionism and Abstractive Surrealism. He is currently working in this method.

Artist Self-Portrait